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Staff Testimonials:

I’ve been working at PDC since 2020. From when I first started to now I have learned and grown so much in the dentistry field but as well as an individual. A great thanks is to the courses given to me and that I’ve completed. It really helped to expand my knowledge on dentistry as well as how to be a better individual not just in the workplace alone. I like the warm and friendly environment of the office. Everyone is super kind and always willing to help even if you aren’t part of the same positions. Everyone works towards one goal and it’s amazing what can be produced with everyone working with the same mindset and goals. It’s always fun for the time I’ve been at PDC. We play a lot of games and events we attend. There’s always a spirit of play at the office so it makes each and everyday interesting and fun to work with. One of my favorite things working here is getting to see how patients' lives are changed after coming and interacting with us. I speak to many different patients throughout the day and I enjoy that because I like to talk and getting to know patients really contributes to that. My coworkers are all amazing and I know I can count on them whenever I need help. Working at PDC has improved my life both inside of work and outside of it too as well!

Chad Figueira, Scheduler

Everyone here calls me Cyntia and I have been working at Preferred Dental Care for almost 2 years now. Overall it has been a fun learning experience and still is to this day because there are so many things to learn being that we do everything for dentistry here. Something that I admire is that I can always rely on my co-workers, they are always helpful and cooperative and try to help each patient with an uptoned attitude.

Chandanie Mathoor, Dental Assistant

I enjoy working here at Preferred Dental Care. Everyone is friendly and helpful, I never felt hesitant to ask any questions. They truly care about the people and I am glad to be a part of the team.

Jingwen Lin, Executive Assistant

I have worked in 3 dental offices in New York State before Preferred Dental Care and it was stressful. I joined Preferred Dental Care in 2016 and it became like home. The office works so hard to help patients and yet it is the most stress free environment. The team is caring yet professional . Everyone is well trained and they know what they are doing. Everyone helps each other and has a great understanding.

Sheena Grover, Dental Assistant