Dentures to Replace Some or All of your Teeth

Dentures (false removable teeth) are prosthetic teeth supported by a gum-colored base. Typically, dentures are removable and secured with adhesives or natural suction. Our Flushing Queens NY dental office offers a variety of options for patients who want to restore their smiles with dentures (false removable teeth).

Types of Dentures: Full Dentures vs. Partial Dentures


Complete, or full dentures are for patients who have lost all of their teeth or whose remaining teeth are unhealthy. Our denture dentist designs the best fitting dentures that look natural and feel comfortable. With an on-site denture laboratory, we can fabricate complete dentures in a single day! We can also make adjustments as well. Unhealthy remaining teeth may have to be extracted prior to making the denture.

Like full dentures, partial dentures are removable, and contain prosthetic teeth on an acrylic, gum-colored base. Partial dentures only replace some missing teeth are perfect for patients who still have some healthy teeth remaining. Secured with inconspicuous clasps, partial dentures ;will blend seamlessly with your natural smile. Even a set if partial dentures for front teeth will look completely natural!

Flexible Dentures

While traditional partial dentures are held in place with metal clasps and a stiff acrylic base, flexible partial dentures are a thinner and lighter alternative. As the name implies, the prosthetic teeth are supported by a thin layer of nylon-based material and need no adhesives or metal clasps to latch onto your mouth. While these are sometimes preferrable to people new to dentures or do not like the bulkiness of traditional acrylic dentures, flexible dentures may be the only option available to patients with acrylic or metal allergies or are unable to open their mouth very wide.

Implant-Supported Dentures (Dentures with support)

Just because you lose your teeth, doesn't mean you have to jeopardize your quality of life. Implant-supported dentures offer unrivaled support and function, eliminating the need for adhesives. Dental implants are small, titanium posts anchored in the jawbone that support complete dentures. The dentist will examine your unique case to determine if implant-supported dentures are right for you.

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