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Periodontics (Makes Gums Healthy)

The health of your gums relates to your overall health. Recent studies have linked gum disease with cardiovascular disease, stroke, pregnancy complications, and type 2 diabetes. Our periodontist specializes in healing diseased gums, so that you can enjoy an all-around better quality of life.

What is Periodontics (makes gums healthy)?

Periodontics (makes gums healthy) is the study of the soft tissues, namely the gums, in the oral cavity. A periodontist is someone who has received two additional years of specialized training after dental school. Our periodontist continues to take courses in the latest technology and methods for effective, comfortable periodontal treatment.

What does periodontal treatment involve?

If we find any signs of gum disease, we will recommend periodontal therapies that suit your unique needs. Some patients only require more frequent professional cleanings, while others may need more intensive therapy. Our periodontics (makes gums healthy) services include:

  • Scaling – to remove tartar from below the gum line
  • Root Planing – to smooth rough surfaces where bacteria attaches
  • Arestin – antibiotics to battle infection
  • Surgery – advanced cases may require gum surgery

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