Rushi Trivedi

Rushi Trivedi


What inspired you to create Preferred Dental Care? I worked in Wall Street for many years. It was a good career and income, but the only motivation in the industry was to make money. I had met multi-millionaire people but they were not happy about their later life.

I started looking at what makes people really happy. I found that when you work with happy people you feel happy. Still that was not the answer. After a long search, interviews, meeting people, observing people, I came to the conclusion that when you work with the motivation of duty, you feel the happiest. I saw that my wife, Dr. Shilpa Trivedi, had that quality. She loved to help patients, worked long hours helping and never felt tired. The reason: she worked with a duty of motivation towards patients.

So, I decided to join her and create a group of people who have a duty of motivation toward helping patients and fellow team members.

And now, there is Preferred Dental Care.

Hobbies and Interests: I love to observe people and chat with them. See how I can help them and how I can add value to their lives. For this reason, I love to travel to meet new people.

I want to add value to at least twenty million lives before I leave this planet.

What is a fun fact about yourself? I claim to be a singer, but other people are not in agreement with it.

Also, I love to dance, walk, look around and create joy in life, no matter what.