Dr. Shilpa Trivedi

Dr. Shilpa Trivedi


Founder / Lead Dentist

Why did you decide to become a Dentist? Ever since I was a child, my eyes would go to people’s teeth. Growing up in a small village in India, I saw many undernourished people who suffered because they could not afford dental work. Having missing teeth led to them having low self esteem and confidence, and affected them in other professional and personal relationships.

I have always wanted to work in a field that fixed people’s dental health and smiles, and give them the confidence to live their lives to the fullest. The best thing you can wear is your smile.

What inspired you to create Preferred Dental Care? My mentor, Dr. Doshi, had confidence in me to take care of Preferred Dental Care, as my own baby. I created Preferred Dental Care two months after my first child was born!

It was always my dream to have my own practice that takes care of my patients’ dental needs, all under one roof. We have all dental specialties and an in house lab, in addition to providing general services.

Hobbies and Interests: I love to travel and learn new things related to Dentistry and life improvement. Cooking for and watching movies with my family is a huge hobby.

What is a fun fact about yourself? My name, Shilpa, in Hindi, means “Artist who makes sculptures from stone”. My name gave me my profession as Dentistry is a good example of science and art working together.

Favorite thing to do in Queens: I love to walk and jog around the beautiful parks in Queens, going to local restaurants and spas, and supporting small local businesses.