Dr. Saahil Trivedi

Dr. Saahil Trivedi


Chief Executive Officer

Why did you decide to become a Dentist? Growing up with parents who are both involved in the dental field, I was practically raised in a dental office. I grew up surrounded by their passion for dentistry and for helping our patients. Dentistry is not just work for our family, it is a part of our life.

Dentistry is a beautiful field, which allows us to improve the health and lives of our patients. Patients with healthy teeth and gums live longer and have healthier lives, and as a dentist, I can have a direct and hands-on contribution to that.

In addition, the ability to improve a patient’s smile and create the confidence that comes along with a beautiful smile that also allows the patient to live comfortably and enjoy eating and enjoying their favorite foods is very heartwarming.

What inspires you to work at Preferred Dental Care? Watching my parents build Preferred Dental Care from a small dental office to one of the largest and highest rated dental offices in New York made me fall in love with the field. I grew up surrounded by their passion for dentistry and for helping our patients.

Hearing stories about the impact that Preferred Dental Care has had and continues to have on its patients created in me a strong desire to continue that legacy and ensure that as many patients as possible can experience the level of service, care and excellence that has made Preferred Dental Care one of the best dental offices in the country.

In addition, the team spirit and culture, as well as their dedication to caring for and helping patients, makes working at Preferred Dental Care truly feel like working with friends and family (for me it really is family!). Actually, it often doesn’t even feel like work at all, we have a lot of fun in the workplace.

Changing the lives of our patients and our team for the better, alongside my parents, and the newest dentist in the family, my sister, is a blessing and is truly an amazing and rewarding experience.

Hobbies and Interests: I was the youngest graduating dentist in my class!

What is a fun fact about yourself? I love music and I grew up playing the Tabla (Indian Drums).

Favorite thing to do in New York City: I was born and raised in NYC, I’ve actually never lived anywhere else!

Even after so many years in New York, I’m always discovering new places to visit and new experiences to have. That’s my favorite thing about New York City, you can never get bored!